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Chauffeured services have many advantages that no other means of transport can give you.

Direct Transfer

Company shuttle service

This type of service is used by companies to allow their employees to get to work from a set location, for example an underground or train station.

The service allows you to organise a series of transfers throughout the day, the frequency and type or vehicle are decided by the company.

Simple transfer

The costumer is accompanied from a location to their destination going through the shortest route. It’s a point-to-point service that guarantees speed and rapidity, because it allows you to choose the exact location from where you wish to travel and your destination. No waste of time buying tickets, looking or waiting for another means of transport. No hassle with the luggage. The best choice for anyone who knows the time of their transfers. It is also available for groups, with minibuses or coaches of several sizes.

Car at disposal

Multiple-day disposal

This service is useful for anyone who organises any type of events of one or more days: meetings, congresses, fairs, tours for employees, guests or any other group.

Hourly disposal

Car and chauffeur are at the costumer’s disposal; the costumer can decide where to go within a set amount of hours. The service includes a definite amount of hours and kilometres. For example, a car at disposal for 8 hours with start at 10am at the costumer’s hotel.